Smoking Productions is the music production releasing division of TOP RECORDS/DINGO MUSIC, on the field since 1976.
Founded in the 1996, Smoking became one of the most successful Italian music production companies, releasing and producing: Gianluca Grignani, Paola&Chiara, Annalisa Minetti, Paolo Meneguzzi, Fabrizio Moro, Diego Mancino, Gerardina Trovato, receiving world-wide recognitions.
Winning company of the Sanremo Festival in the 1998 with the song”Senza te o con te”, sang by Annalisa Minetti, written by Paola Palma and Max Luca, Publishing :Dingo Music.

Paola Palma:
Versatile, graduated in Public Relations, Paola has a great experience in the music field. She has been working for CAROSELLO/CURCI for many years, as well as many record labels around the world.
She represented the catalogue and the company’s strategy world-wide, responsible of the press office, A&R for theatres and cultural associations,she managed the development and execution of the marketing materials for product launches. Achieved organization business development objectives by preparing and implementing marketing plans, managed dep.budgets and workflow, responsible for the review&management of the company’s monthly new release planner as well as providing guidance and advising marketing dep. Objectives.

In the 1998 she won the Sanremo Festival as a songwriter with “SENZA TE O CON TE” published by SONY MUSIC, she worked then with ALEXIA, PAOLO MENEGUZZI, MARIANGELA as well as FLORENCE K in Quebec and AMALIA GRE’ (Sanremo Festival 2007).

Since April 2009 she's a Chief Conductor, specialized in Jazz Music. for further info

Max Luca:
Very well-known Italian artistic producer and Musician, he started his career at the beginning of 70’s as the acoustic guitar of the most important Italian artists (Lucio Battisti, De Andrè, Bertoli, Mina, Guccini, Paolo Conte, Dalla, Loredana Bertè, Fabio Concato).
He lived also in Spain where he worked with Miguel Bosè, Josè Luis Perales, Mari Trini, Victor Manuel, Bertin Osborne.
Once back to Italy he produced Biagio Antonacci, Gianluca Grignani, Paola&Chiara , Fabrizio Moro, Diego Mancino, Gerardina Trovato etc
He worked with the American producer Phil Ramone and Quincy Jones. for further info

Thanks to the longstanding and great past in the music field, Smoking can provide with you different services and can assist you in the:

Releasing of a product/CD
songwriting, recording studio, artistic production, Releasing, mixing, Mastering, artworks

Throughout the world, as well as within the Italian territory.
Thanks to the longstanding experience at MIDEM of the record company and publishing arms TOP RECORDS/DINGO MUSIC, on the market since 1976, and the connections all over.
We can help you with the organization of show-case/Live performance for your artists also during the MIDEM conference.
PR, Press office and International Dep.

Throughout the world:
We can help you in placing your songs and/or in finding the right publishing partner for your catalogue worldwide.

Marketing and distribution of
Your products and artists worldwide (advertisement,TV, tour radio, cinema)

Management agency
Organization of “live” concerts in Italy and throughout Europe ( Jazz/blues/pop/Classical Festivals/Private events), PR and cooperation with theatres and cultural associations.


For further informations contact by Phone, Fax or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tel e  Fax: +39 02 6146 0600

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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